Shipping & Returns Policy

Once you have placed an order with us

You will receive two order confirmation emails followed by a shipping confirmation.

What is an order confirmation?

An order confirmation is precisely that. An order confirmation will be emailed to you immediately after placing an order with us. It acknowledges that we are in receipt of your order. We will then send a further order confirmation email advising that your order is processing. If there is an issue with fulfilling your order, for example, a payment problem has occurred, one of our customer service representatives will send you a separate email.

What is shipping confirmation?

A shipping confirmation will be emailed to you when your order has completed processing and is dispatched to our local postal service for shipping. Suppose you have selected Registered Airmail as the method of shipping. In that case, your shipping confirmation email will supply a tracking number for you to track and trace your order online and the tracking website as a direct link to your countries’ postal service. Your shipping confirmation email will also provide related shipping details, for example, estimated shipping delivery timeframes, postal network delays, and COVID-19 impacts. Please note that the date on the shipping confirmation email is not the date of flight departure from our Port.

What countries do we ship to?

5star Pharmacy ships to the United States only.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our US Customers Premium Shipping.

United States

Free Registered Airmail Postage (Recommended)

Signature required
Limited Tracking
2-6 weeks during COVID-19

Free Standard Airmail Postage
No Signature
No Tracking
2-6 weeks during COVID-19

No charge for shipping using Standard or Registered Airmail

We offer FREE shipping using both Standard and Registered Airmail. The recommended method of shipping is with Registered Airmail using online tracking services. You can track and trace your order online while it is in transit. It is a secure shipping method as it reduces any risk of it being misrouted or lost in transit. An individual at your address must be available to sign for your parcel as a signature is required. If a delivery attempt is made and there is no individual at your address to sign for and receive your parcel, a notice will be left. This will advise you that a delivery attempt was made and requests you to contact your local postal depot to arrange for redelivery of your parcel. USPS will issue a second and final notice a few days later.

All orders after dispatch are at the mercy of the international postal system and are not within our control. It is your responsibility to follow through with claiming your shipment from your local postal depot if you have missed delivery of your registered parcel. You have up to 15 days to either reschedule delivery or collect your shipment from your local postal depot before the parcel is returned to us.

Where we can deliver to

We can deliver your order to your home address, a PO Box, your work address or an APO address. If you have registered as a customer on our site, you can specify a different delivery address during the website checkout. You can add and edit delivery information as required once you have signed into your customer account. For added convenience, you will have the ability to save multiple shipping addresses.

Delivery time-frames

We must receive payment and funds cleared before we can dispatch your order for shipping. Please allow between 2-8 days for USPS to deliver your payment to us. For mail and shipping services, please visit the following USPS link; We recommend First-Class Mail which can be delivered in 5 business days or less.

Your order will complete processing and dispatch to our local post carrier once funds have been received and cleared. The advised delivery time frame to the US is between 2-6 weeks to allow for any unexpected delays or service disruptions in the international postal system, particularly due to Covid-19.

Please allow the advised delivery time frame for your order to be delivered. If your order is outstanding by the advised delivery time, please allow a further week (7 days) before contacting us to establish if it is delayed in customs processing, delayed with delivery, or lost in transit.

USA Customs Provisions

USA customs receives your order as ‘imported goods’ because its source of origin is an offshore base in the South Pacific region. Customs processing times can vary, and delays are apparent during Covid-19; therefore, it is recommended you place your orders in advance to allow for potential delays and service disruptions. The Customs Declaration System (CDS) was digitized globally in 2019. This means that US customs are sent details of the contents of every package before it arrives in the US to enhance the customs clearance process.

Accepted Billing Addresses

We are not permitted to accept PO Boxes, UPS store addresses, or commercial addresses. Due to stringent payment processing regulations, you must provide a physical residential address in the billing address field to enable processing of payment for your order. Banks must be certain that the person who is making payment is not listed as a money launderer or known to be funding terrorism. Your physical residential address is a requirement for payment verification. If you are unable to provide a physical residential address, your order will be declined.

Our replacement order, refund, and credit voucher policy

When you place an order with us, you have agreed to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of our site. In the event of non-delivery, we can ship a replacement order, refund your order, or issue a credit voucher for the order total to redeem on a future purchase.

Please contact us within 8 weeks of your order’s shipment date to inform us that it is outstanding for delivery.

Provisions for shipping a replacement order

We will ship you a replacement order for any order that has not been delivered, provided the following conditions are met;

  1. An additional 7 days have elapsed in addition to the advised delivery time frame from the shipment date. The shipment date is the date of dispatch, not the flight departure date.
  2. You have provided us with the correct shipping address. We will charge for a replacement order if you have supplied incorrect details when requesting a re-shipment.

Provisions for requesting a refund

We guarantee that our products are as represented on the website and arrive in good condition, with manufacturers' seals intact and with sufficient time to expiry.

We ensure that our medicines are packaged with care to avoid damage while in transit to you. However, the shipping process and handling are out of our control, and if your item/s arrive damaged, please contact our Customers Services Team so that we can determine a solution. It would be beneficial if you could provide a photograph of your damaged item/s and/or package to assist in a quicker resolution.

Product Quality & Assurance

Our products are guaranteed to be how they are represented on our website. We are a registered pharmacy that only buys through wholesalers registered in their respective countries, who only buy through registered manufacturers. Our supply chain is secure, and our products are 100% authentic. We offer brand-name products and generic alternatives, all of which are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.

We do not sell controlled drugs or medicines classified as abusive or listed on the DEA website as a scheduled medicine.

Our provision is that all products must arrive in good condition, with manufacturer seals intact and sufficient expiry dates. If our products have failed to comply with these conditions, please be reassured that we will replace or refund your order.

Our Packaging

Please be reassured that our packaging is discreet. Goods are boxed and sealed in a white plastic envelope and cannot be identified from the packaging.

For customs declaration purposes, our goods must be declared as ‘Non-Restricted Pharmaceuticals.’ We do not include our company logo on the package for privacy reasons.

To cancel an order

After you have placed an order with us and have decided to cancel it, please send us a prompt email to inform us. Please add [URGENT] to the subject line of your email so that we can identify it quickly and cancel your order before it has completed the order processing phase. We are very prompt with our order processing, so your urgent attention to this is most appreciated to avoid any inconvenience. Once an order has been dispatched for shipping, it is too late to cancel. Please choose your items carefully at the website checkout.

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