About Us

Our Purpose

We are an online pharmacy providing safe and affordable medication for your healthcare needs. Our products are 100% authentic, proven to be true to label, and effective for the prescribed purpose, not to mention much less expensive than the locally available product in your country.

For example, an asthma inhaler called Ventolin sourced from a New Zealand wholesaler that supplies pharmacies across NZ are USD $25.00 each, compared to USD $125.00 each if purchased in the US. We are fortunate to supply the same medication to you at a much lower price.

Our Location

Our company is Elluk Pharmacy Ltd. We are a licensed pharmacy situated in Vanuatu, officially the Republic of Vanuatu, an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Northern Australia. All of our orders are processed and shipped from here. The Vanuatu Government regulates and monitors pharmacies and embraces the safety and proper handling guidelines laid down by the World Health Organisation.

Our Products

We sell non-restricted pharmaceuticals only. We do not sell controlled drugs or medicines classified as abusive or listed on the DEA website as a scheduled medicine. We are a registered pharmacy that only buys through wholesalers registered in their respective countries, who only buy through registered manufacturers. Our supply chain is secure, and our products are 100% authentic. We offer brand-name products and generic alternatives, all of which are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.

Authenticity and quality are paramount to everything we do. Our products are guaranteed to be how they are represented on our website. Our provision is that all products must arrive in good condition, with manufacturer seals intact and sufficient expiry dates.

Prescription Required

To place an order with us, you will be required to send us a valid doctor’s prescription for the items ordered. We can only supply the prescribed items and quantities. The US has a personal importation policy (PIP) that permits the importation of pharmaceuticals for yourself or your immediate family living in the same household with you for up to 90 days’ supply.

You can either upload a copy of your prescription on our website or email a photo or scan it. Once we have received your prescription, we can process your payment and fulfil your order.

If you cannot upload your prescription, please send a scanned copy or screenshot by fax or email to:

FAX: (315) 679 5554 (USA Toll free)

EMAIL: customerservices@5starpharmacy.com

Your Parcel

Your items will be discreetly packaged in a box and sealed in a white, environmentally friendly envelope. Your parcel will also contain your valid doctor’s prescription and product information leaflets.

We do not include our company logo on the package for privacy reasons. Your items are declared as ‘Non-Restricted Pharmaceuticals’ for customs declaration purposes.

Parcel Delivery

Once we receive your order, items will be reserved until we have received a prescription and payment from you. Your order will complete processing and dispatch to our local post for shipping. The shipping timeframe to the US is 2-6 weeks during Covid-19. We use airmail postal shipping only, which is listed at the website checkout for you to select. Once your order has completed processing, you will receive a further order confirmation email followed by a shipping confirmation email to say that your order is on its way. We use Air Vanuatu, which provides weekly cargo services.

We guarantee your parcel’s delivery. If your parcel fails to deliver within the advised delivery time frame, you can choose to have it replaced or refunded.

Contact & Support

5star Pharmacy operates 6 days a week. We have a team of customer service representatives available to answer your phone calls and respond to emails. There is a time zone difference, and the best time to call us is shown on our website here.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in customer service and are your trusted source for your healthcare needs.

Physical Address

Elluk Pharmacy Ltd
2nd Floor Raffea House
Lini Highway
Port Vila

Postal Address

Elluk Pharmacy Ltd
PO Box 782
Port Vila

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